Here are some of the projects that I’ve built myself or have contributed to when I was working with another company. These projects include designing, building, finishing, and installing the pieces. I’ve also repurposed several pieces of furniture and created wallhangings from reclaimed wood with graphics I created. 

Furniture Builds I Contributed to

For about a year and a half, I worked with 4 Chicks Furniture. Here are some of projects I worked on:

Furniture I Built

Here are some of the pieces I’ve built over the last several years. My biggest project was building several pieces using reclaimed wood for a man cave in the basement of a client. This included six barn doors, two cocktail tables, an accent wall, a built-in bathroom vanity, and some built-in shelves.

Repurposed Furniture

These of some of the pieces of furniture that I’ve repurposed over the last couple of years. Most of these pieces required construction of some sort and then finishing. The wall hangings are built from graphics I created from photos.

Indian Hills Community Center Sign

I’ve been a fan of this very popular sign on Facebook for a couple of years. It’s just about 15 minutes from my home. I noticed in some pictures that the top was broken off of it. I got in touch with the guy who manages it and he told me it had blown off in high winds. He was happy to have me fix it. 

The top was well made with CNC carving and painting, but it had been poorly attached to the posts. I attached it to the posts with 12-inch lag bolts and then fixed the solar light that had been ripped out of the bottom part of the sign. 

Was proud to be a part of something that brings laughs to thousands of people every day. 

Indian Hills Sign