Online Store Sales Increase

Overview of Our Client’s Situation

Our client had an online store that brought in about $225,000 per month in sales. They were spending $15,000 each month on pay per click advertising. Their rankings in the search engines were minimal.

Analysis of the Situation

We suspected they were being penalized by the search engines for several things involving the programming on their website. And they were probably wasting money in their pay per click advertising.

Implementation of a Solution

For the pay per click advertising we started tracking the clicks down to the individual terms and deleted keywords not getting enough sales and increased the bids on ones that brought sales. We also optimized their site for appropriate keywords. And we implemented a powerful web statistics program to analyze their traffic.

Results of Our Work

Through our tactics, the client saw these results:

  • Within a year their sales increased to more than $600,000 per month.
  • Website moved up to #4 on Google for their main search term, which was a highly competitive phrase.
  • They decreased their pay per click budget by $5,000 per month, yet increased traffic by 33 percent.
  • Their cost per sale decreased by more than 45 percent.