There was a group of 10 of us heading back to Michigan from Alaska. We’d driven up there on a mission trip to do Vacation Bible School and work on parsonages in different Eskimo villages. Was a great trip and we were ready to get home.

Through some connection, we stayed at a turkey farm in Alberta, Canada – out in the middle of nowhere. They had 17,000 turkeys and we enjoyed the stay – even got to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Di.

As we chatted with the wife of the farmer we found out she grew up in Chicago. I’d been born there, as had my dad. I talked about a bunch of stuff and mentioned my dad went to Senn High School. She said she’d gone there, too.

She asked what my dad’s name was and I told her. She said, “I think I knew him.”

She left the room and came back with her high school yearbook. Turns out she graduated with him and there was his picture in her yearbook.

Funny connection with someone on a turkey farm in the middle of a different country, almost 2,000 miles from home.