Local Chapter Wows Corporate Offices with Increased Website Traffic

The local chapter of a national organization had a website that was corporately created and maintained. They had very little control over certain aspects of it or ability to customize it to their demographic. They wanted more visibility because they had sold a large amount of advertisement on one of their directories.

Analysis of the Situation

Their directory wasn’t very visible to the search engines. They were only getting a couple hundred visitors a month to the business directory. The main problem was their URL wasn’t taking advantage of the power of their national brand domain name. Another thing we noticed was there was some simple code blocking search engines from accessing their site.

Implementation of a Solution

The first thing we did was remove the computer code preventing access by the search engines to the business directory. Then we changed the URL structure, which required directing contractors on changes they needed to make in the

Results of Our Work

Our client immediately started seeing an increase in their search engine results. Here are more specifics:

  • 1,300 % increase in website traffic in three months
  • The national office jumped on the bandwagon and started implementing the same strategy with their other chapters.
  • The national office started getting so much traffic within the system that their servers couldn’t handle it and they had to get new hardware to handle the phenomenal increase in website visitors.