Coffee Shop Connection

22 Feb Coffee Shop Connection

Casey worked at a digital marketing agency and spoke at a conference I attended. Because I was in the same industry I chatted with him afterwards. I expressed an interest about position openings at his company. He said he’d look into it.

Casey introduced me to the leaders of his agency by email since they all worked remotely in different cities around the U.S. I saw one of the guys, Dayna, was in Western Michigan so I made plans to have coffee with him while visiting my mom over Christmas in a few weeks. I recognized his name somehow but didn’t know how.

As we chatted in the coffee shop, Dayna told me he worked in Detroit in the late 80s. My parents have moved to Western Michigan from Detroit several years before. It turned out my dad coached him in his job search after he was laid off — which was cool. He also told me he went to same church as my parents (which I went to in high school). I then remembered where I had met Dayna.

Some friends from that church invited me to a BBQ at their home when I was back visiting Detroit and that’s where I originally met Dayna and his wife.

I was very cool making a connection again after more than 20 years.

But the most amazing thing was that five minutes before I showed up, Dayna had been talking with his daughter and her friend about job networking.

“I was sharing with them principles your father had taught me 20 years ago” Dayna said. “I couldn’t remember your dad’s name but what he taught me had a great impact on me. So it’s funny meeting you here.”

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