A wedding album. Pretty innocuous thing. I was thumbing my way through it on a rainy afternoon when I saw a surprise.

My wife and I were spending a weekend in Newport, Rhode Island, with her best friend, Carrie. Carrie pulled out their wedding album since Lori was one of the bridesmaids.

As I was looking through the pictures, I said, “What is Tom Carroll doing in your wedding party?”

Carrie thought I was joking (I’m known to be a jokester) and I’d seen captions or something. But there weren’t any captions.

It turns out that Carrie’s husband, Brian, was a good friend of Tom. What Carrie didn’t know was Tom was a fraternity brother of mine from college and we were good friends. I hadn’t seen him in nine years.

And here he was standing in the same picture as my future wife. Now, isn’t that a weird thing? I think so.