A More Zen Way of Doing Business

Overview of Our Client’s Strategy

Janet owned a flyer delivery service for real estate professionals. Her clients dropped print-ready copy at printers. Janet picked up completed flyers at the printers and then delivered them throughout the city. She was spending four hours a day in the car driving all over town through bad traffic, not to mention the stress and money spent on gas.

Analysis of the Situation

The client had been trying for three years to get her web site to work effectively. She had trouble finding someone who understood her problem and offered a great solution. Because she used an invoicing system, she also had thousands of dollars in accounts receivable from slow-paying customers and spent a lot of time trying to collect them.

Implementation of a Solution

The site we developed a website that allowed her customers to upload their flyers through the site and pay for the service at the same time. The print jobs were automatically sent to a local Kinko’s, therefore, no driving by her or her clients to the print shop. We jumped in with both feet and negotiated with Kinko’s to reduce the printing price by almost 66 percent and arranged for Kinko’s to deliver the printing to our client.

The Results of Our Work

The new website brought many benefits to Janet and her business:

  • More time to work on building sales and business systems
  • Less expense, i.e., gas money, wear and tear on car
  • Better cash flow because of fewer account receivables
  • Increased profits from the print sales
  • Less stress without driving in traffic all day