1,350% Sales Growth for Manufacturer’s Rep

Overview of Our Client’s Situation

Our client was a U.S. manufacturing rep for an Italian company. They were doing a lot of things right—they had decent sales, relationships with resellers, highly competent leadership, and a showroom for their products. However, their website was merely a single page with little information and few pictures.

Analysis of the Situation

Our client needed to showcase their products to the U.S. market. To do that they needed a more powerful website that highlighted and demonstrated their various products, as well as a downloadable catalog. They also needed visitors to find them through the search engines.

Implementation of a Solution

Our clients invested in a new site that gave people access to all their products. We added approximately 70 pages with product descriptions and pictures that gave viewers a true picture of the quality of their business. We made the site more dynamic by adding video demonstrations for most of their products. Four other sister sites were created to focus on specific product offerings.

The Results

With the integration of a new website and Internet marketing, these are the results they saw:

  • Their web site traffic went from a few hundred visitors a month to more than 13,600 visitors on six different web sites.
  • Sales grew from $650,000 to more than $8 million per year, which the sales manager largely attributed to their investment in expanding their Internet marketing strategy.